Great things can happen when you talk to strangers at night markets! Getting to shoot this gorgeous branding session for Muddy B Ceramics was one of them!

Me and my partner decided to go for a stroll at the Marda Loop Night Market to get some air and check things out. I love stopping by the booths and talk to local talent and that’s where I met Hanna.

Her boobie mugs caught my eye right away, and getting to chat with her our vibes just totally clicked. We knew we had to shoot together!

We set up her wheel at my favourite studio, The Study Studios, and got to throwing & shooting, We even got a little spicy with it!

There was minimal posing involved. I just let Hanna do her thing and it made for such great candids. I’m honestly in love with this shoot!

Branding | Muddy B Ceramics


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