If you’re reading this we are probably on the process of booking a session and I’m so stoked to be working together! While I’m big of picking an activity, rather than a location, for our session, we definitely still need to pick a spot.

I understand this can be a bit overwhelming at times, which is why I’ve created this page to help guide you in picking that perfect spot that fits your session needs, organized by category for your convenience. The best part? I am constantly updating it with all the location gems I find.


With Calgary’s crazy unpredictable weather, studios are always nice since that’s one less thing to worry about. From minimalist to retro studios, there’s one that fits you and your vibe.

* Please note studio sessions are subject to a studio fee, ranging from $40 – $150 per hour, with certain studios having a 2 hour minimum.

Studio Boheme
A lovely minimalist space with a massive window and gorgeous natural light.

The Study Studios
My go-to studio, it maintains a minimalist vibe while offering 3 options: a blank space, and two stunning living rooms.

Workshop Studios
This studio serves mainly as a pottery studio, but has a gorgeous attic with retro vibes that I adore

Mas Studios
I recommend this one for higher-end projects with budget and space/equipment requirements.


We are so lucky and blessed to live in Calgary, one of the cities with the BEST backyards! From East to West (and even South), we have some stunning scenery to complement your epic session nicely.

I’m a big fan of not getting sweaty pre-session, so most of these are incredibly accessible and require minimal to no hiking.

* Locations outside a 30km radius of Downtown Calgary are subject to a travel fee.

Big Horn Lookout
My absolute favourite. Gorgeous cliff with mountain views, without the Canmore/Banff crowds.

Canmore Boardwalk
The best most accessible mountain view with paved roads and no hiking. Love it.

Sheep River Falls
Another of my favs. Very accessible gorgeous waterfall without the strenuous hike.

Lake Minnewanka
A gorgeous dock, a crystal clear lake, and a majestic mountain right in the middle of it. What more do you want?

Drumheller Badlands
If your an earthy-tone fan like me, the Hoodoos provide the most stunning colours and textures for any kind of session.

Mt. Lorette Ponds
I think here to be one of the most romantic movie-like locations. With tons of docks and tucked away corners, this one is for lovers of The Notebook.

Vermillion Lakes
Located right at the entrance of Banff, this place has some cute docks and stunning sunrises

Surprise Corner
This location has the absolute best view of the Castle if you’re going for outdoor royalty kinda vibes.

Lake Louise
We all know this one, and while it is packed more often than not, it still provides gorgeous scenery for anyone willing to beat the crowd.

Public City Space

If the weather is not looking good for your session date but you’re still not convinced a studio is your vibe (or you don’t want the extra cost), Calgary has some amazing public or semi-public city spaces that feature both indoor and outdoor options just to play it safe. Here are some of my fav!

SAIT Parkade
As a SAIT alumni, I would get so inspired every time I had to walk through this gorgeous, minimalist, contemporary space. It makes the perfect blank space.

Central Public Library
The hype may have died down, but the library has stunning architecture and lots of natural light, plus great shelter for a rainy day.

Something about Chinatown in Downtown YYC screams neon grunge night life, if that’s your vibe!

Stephen Avenue
While slightly overshot, Stephen Avenue is the perfect spot for classy city vibes. With the Hudson Bay Arches, the Fairmont exterior and the Edison. I just keep coming back.


A big thing I love about Calgary is all the stunning parks we have all across the city, each with their own unique charm and features. If your vibe is the outdoors, but don’t want to travel outside of the city, consider an activity in one of these wonderful city parks that feature everything from rivers, fountains, hills, bridges, florals and city views!

Central Memorial

Nose Hill

Prince’s Island

St. Patrick’s Island

Fish Creek


Beaulieu Gardens

Parkades & Lookouts.

Something I absolutely adore about Calgary is the acknowledgement of photographers and content creators in the city, and we all somehow love parkades. So much so, that certain parkades around the city now dedicate the rooftop area to fun installations and content creation. Here are some of my favs.

This gorgeous minimalist parkade is right across from the Central Library, which makes it the perfect second location.

High Park
This fun and colourful parkade is located on the Beltline and is full of installations to play with and of course take photos!

McHugh Bluff
An extension of Crescent Heights, this lookout is way more open and accessible and oh so cute.


It’s tough to find a nice and creative indoor spot on those rainy days. Not because of a lack of them in the city, but because most are pretty stingy on letting you photograph (understandable, they’re private establishments after all!).

With that said, it is worth mentioning those spots where I’ve had nothing but a great time photographing and the staff were so kind.

Village Ice Cream
I love a good ice cream date, and Village Ice Cream has all the perfect vibes for the cutest session.

Endless records and tapes and CDs, this is the place for all music and indie movie lover to get a session done.

Pages on Kensington
A cozy consignment book store? I don’t think it gets any more romantic than that. Plus they’re super nice about letting you take photos there.

Analog Coffe
The Analog Coffee in Inglewood is cute, cozy, and all kinds of kind when it comes to taking photos.

Mob Squad Cafe
While it can be busy at times, this coffee shop has stunning views of the city and are the best at letting you take photos.


Home sessions, in my opinion, are extremely underrated and oh so romantic. If your goal is to connect deeper (with yourself, your family or your partner) and allow me to capture some candid moments, what better place to feel comfortable doing this than from the privacy of your own? It is one of my favourite things to do from an authentic and documentary style standpoint.

The Ultimate Photoshoot Location Guide for Calgary & Surrounding Areas


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